3D Metal Printers


Aerospace and Industrial applications

Tooling inserts featuring con-formal cooling channels to lightweight structures for aerospace, applications include turbine blades, aircraft frames & structures, jet engines, fuel systems, guide vanes & other reduce weight components contributing to lighter aircrafts reducing fuel consumption. Fonon’s BTS large build-plate technology expands applications to include turbine rings with diameters out to 1.5 meters and long structures & frames out to 3 meters.



Private companies, NASA and other groups are developing new concepts to launch 3D printing into the final frontier.  Long-term missions benefit greatly from having onboard manufacturing capabilities reducing the need to maintain costly inventory on the International Space Station and future spacecrafts..  Space colonies would be self-sufficient with the capabilities to manufacture spare parts/tools. BTS technology opens the door to metal printing larger rocket, missile, and propulsion based components and subassemblies.