3D Metal Printers


About Our Talented 3D Team!

Operations Manager

Our operations manager received his mechanical engineering degree from State Forest Technical Academy (Russia) in 1979. His tenure began as a safety engineer of Chernyahovskiy Forestry overseeing management of 50+ people before becoming a Senior Lieutenant of the Soviet Army. He successfully managed all facets of his own business for 29 years before moving to managerial functions at Fonon Corporation. His technical background and over 30 year managerial experience has positioned him as a valuable team member who is capable of managing technical, safety, and production operations. 

3D Applications Manager

About 20 years ago, our 3D Applications Manager chose a professional career in a field of lasers being a student at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPHI). As a research scientist gained experience in solid state and gas laser engineering, design, and experimental techniques at the P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). As a graduate fellow of the University of Alabama at Birmingham obtained in depth skills in solid state, tunable middle-infrared lasers, and laser spectroscopy. Our 3D Applications Manager co-authored almost 30 scientific publications and has more than 15 years’ experience attending conferences as a speaker and presenter.

Chief Design Engineer

For the last 25 years Our Director and Chief Design Engineer was working at Fonon- an affiliated company- developing laser systems for material processing.  He is currently responsible for the industrial design and technological process of ZWLCTTM – Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology, in addition to laser engraving, marking, and cleaning technologies.  Almost 20 years of his engineering career have been invested in the development of industrial equipment for high-tech industries.  The majority of those developments were prepared for laser cutting technology related products through his work with a team of other Fonon engineers during the last 15 years and directly for 3daxs for the past five years.  Our Director and Chief Design Engineer received a number of state awards and certificates in the development of laser cutting technology.  He graduated from Minsk Polytechnic University in 1966 and worked his entire professional career as a design engineer and project engineer, supervising a number of design teams.   The Company believes that the expertise that he has in industrial design and engineering makes him a valuable resource of knowledge and qualifies him to be a member of the Board.

3D Engineering Specialist

Our Engineering Specialist graduated in physics at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia) in 1982. As a research scientist, he worked in Nuclear Physics science at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, in Particle Physics, including participation in international collaborations at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN, Switzerland), and Geophysics at Florida Institute of Technology. He is co-author of a number of scientific publications and has given presentations at scientific conferences and workshops. This special team member performs R&D on metal processing laser systems.