3D Metal Printers

Software Engineers (I, II) Positions

3DAXS is an Equal Opportunity Employer that is always interested in qualified individuals with experience and aspirations in a wide variety of disciplines including: engineering, operations, business development, marketing, and product development.  Please submit your resume if you have the skills and expertise for a fast moving career in power products, power technologies, additive manufacturing, or industrial equipment.  Submit your resume in confidence via e-mail to 3daxs@fonon.com



Openings for Software Engineers (I, II) to get in on the ground floor of a massively expanding company, each to specialize in processes of additive manufacturing development.


  • 4 year degree from an accredited University in Computer Science specializing in Systems programming or hardware architecture
  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE,  VB6, C++, C, Assembler, MS office Including MS Access.


  • Hardware driver Vxd, Com, WDM, KMDF, Micro processor, Windows CE, Windows XP EMBEDDED OS, Motion control, PLC programming, RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet IP  serial communication systems.
  • Galvo motion systems, laser control systems, CNC G-code programming, AutoCAD vector file formats and manipulation.
  • EE experience including schematics and circuit boards.
  • Optical Physics


Design and implement embedded real-time systems for Industrial Laser cutting, marking, or scribing machines. Designs will conform to industry standards for operation, safety, and redundancy, and customer support. All coding techniques will include appropriate verbose commenting geared toward serviceability, and portability.  Job requirements may include travel to onsite locations worldwide for field service,  customer training, Remote field service via Internet, pre and post sale customer telephone support, creation written technical and user manuals,  Training of employee’s as necessary.  Each software engineer follows their own path of specialization, however all our software engineers share a fundamental competence across each of the disciplines.