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Fonon Forms Partnership With Lawrence Livermore

September 30, 2016

Fonon Corporation combines its continuously expanding Bulk-To-Shape portfolio of patents, licenses and proprietary IP with a family of patents from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories accelerating the next-generation of 3D metal printing system. Industry experts agree that metal printed parts using today’s 3D metal printing systems exhibit unit-to-unit variations that do not behave consistently over time or within normal distribution control limits identifying their top 4 issues with today’s technology, namely; Process Reliability, Inconsistent Quality, Size Limitations and Metal Printing Speeds.

Fonon’s advanced portfolio of technology options address industry experts concerns providing metal printing companies with specialized 3D metal printing systems citing the following example: Unlimited Application Size: 3D metal printing systems that support applications out to 6ft x 13ft. Multi-kilowatt laser that presents a predictable, uniform illumination across the metal powder bed. A Laser orthogonal to the build-plate eliminates reflectivity and beam spot elongation issues. Metal processing IP gently elevates the powder, just above its solid-to-liquid transition temperature. A powder formula addresses oxide content with similar size powder spheres.


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